Divorce Lawyer in Lodi, CA

Also dealing with post-divorce issues

If you find yourself facing the end of a marriage in Lodi, CA, David R. Marshall, divorce attorney, will be able to assist you through these difficult times. At Marshall & Marshall, we will be in your corner, working hard to ensure that you are 100% happy with the services we provide. Representing you and your interests is our primary goal. We will accomplish this not only by providing top of the line service but also by providing you with insightful consultations and expert professional legal representation. David R. Marshall will work hard on your behalf to help you protect your rights now, and until we reach a resolution you are satisfied with.

We believe that it takes a clear vision and thorough understanding of the law to move forward successfully with family separation and other legal family issues. This is why we will take the time to meet with you, ask the right questions and become thoroughly invested in your case. From that point, we begin going through your documents with a fine tooth comb. After our research, we will report our findings to you in clear and understandable fashion. Whether in regard to child custody cases, marital cases or separation of property between couples, we will ensure you are fully involved in the process so there are no legal surprises for you.

Our suggestion is to come and meet with David R. Marshall before trying to work through any separation or legal issues on your own. In situations like this, knowledge is power, so let us be your expert source. We offer flexible appointment times, we are highly professional and we have been representing Lodi, CA, area residents for over 42 years.

Give Marshall & Marshall a call today. Let us help you make this time less stressful and overwhelming. We promise we will work hard to help you understand your options and rights.

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